Hydracoach calculates your Personal Hydration Goal based on your weight.


Displays your average amount of fluid you drink per hour, to help keep up the pace.


Monitors the total amount of fluid you've drank throughout the day.


Gives you a simple percentage readout of how close to your goal you are.

How Hydracoach Works

The hydracoach water bottle has a small unit clipped into it's straw known as an impeller. The impeller spins when water is drank through the straw, which generates tiny electronic pulses by using a rotating magnet.

Hydracoach's onboard computer is listening out for these pulses, so when you drink it knows exactly how much you've drank, and is able to keep track of this information.

Caring for your Hydracoach

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Top tip for keeping Hydracoach fresh. Fill up your bottle three quarters of the way with water, then add a spoon full of baking powder, and some lemon juice. Close it up, give it a shake, then rinse thoroughly.

If you're not going to use your bottle for a few days, empty it out, and leave the lid unscrewed so fresh air can get inside. Stagnant water can make future refills taste funny, rinse out as above if this should occur.