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Hydracoach has been met with excellent reviews from many who've tried it.

Even Channel Five's "The Gadget Show" got their hands on Hydracoach and tested it in the Liwa Desert on one of it's shows, which can be viewed on the Gadget Show website.

The Gadget Show
Wet Hydracoach Water Bottle

Healthline on Hydracoach

After using the Hydracoach for three days, I'd give it a thumbs up.

After programming the digital display with your body weight, the program shows you your target fluid intake as well as the percentage of target achieved in either liters or ounces.

Having it on my desk within easy reach definitely encouraged me to drink more.

The Independent on Hydracoach

Trade in plastic bottles for an eco-friendly and clever alternative.

'Most of us don't drink enough water,' says Sean. 'This intelligent bottle uses your personal stats to tell you how much you should be drinking throughout the day.

Invaluable whether you are trying to prepare for your next big event or just trying to live a healthier lifestyle.'

Cosmopolitan on Hydracoach

Don't let the 27 page manual put you off! To use this just fill it up, enter your weight, and it works out how much water you should drink in a day.

The special straw measures how much you've drunk and how close to your target you are. It also estimates your average consumption per hour.

After three days using the Hydracoach, I was definitely drinking more water. Every time my hourly average dipped below 33oz, I made it a rule to sip.